NYC: Day 3

Sorry, I didn’t get home until really late last night, so this is late. Also, the title is something of a misnomer, I actually didn’t go into NYC at all, we just hung out in NJ for a day. So, we visited Wheehawken, which was the big event of the day- I had to go while I was in NJ, I’m a huge Hamilton (and history in general) fan.

This is actually kind of a vlog format, which should be interesting. 

But first, some pics.

Here’s a bust of Hamilton:

Also, apparently people have gardens on their rooves?

Vlog part 1:

Part 2:

And that concludes my New York trip (and yes, I was forced to remove my glasses for the second video, I couldn’t see anything.)

Hopefully, I should get my inktober stuff up tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!

See you soon!

Question of the post: Did you guys like this format?


NYC: Day 2 (Aka I Rant About New York’s Terrible Transport System and Sqeal About Musicals)

‘Sup, I’m back for round two!

Dear New Yorkers, so, first, you all need to fix your transportation system (after acknowledging that Boston is superior in every way), because it is an atrocity and I hate New York for it. It was very hard not to swear in that sentence, but the point is, your subway system is terrible and confusing and nearly as frustrating as your traffic (possibly more). It took two hours to get from Fordham to Rockerfeller Center because we took the wrong train because apparently weekend trains are different from weekday trains, also there were no subway maps on the train and we couldn’t understand the conductor. And then we were on the wrong platform etc.

But, back to the beginning. The water pressure in the hotel was great so I was actually able to get my hair clean, which was great (yes, that was random). Then, we took a shuttle to the train (of course we were Running Too Late To Eat: the story of all of my family’s vacations.) The train into Penn Station wasn’t bad, actually. The problem came when we needed to be at Fordham by 10am. Leaving at 8, we should have been fine, but no. No one could give us good directions to the train. We kept ending up on the wrong platform… (Quick side note, Metrocards are insanely flimsy.) 

Also, trains are weird and fascinating places. I saw a sign prohibiting dancing on the poles in the aisle, and thought, that’s weird, why is that necessary. Then, maybe ten minutes later, a kid demonstrated his surprisingly talented breakdancing routine using the poles. It was an interesting experience.

And then we (eventually) ended up at Fordham, which looks awesome!

Next, we had to get from Fordham to the Imperial Theatre, but we had two hours. Should have been fine. Also, we needed to pick up some food, given that it was noon and we still hadn’t eaten anything but some trail mix (guess wether or not we got around to food.) WHY DO YOU HIDE YOUR SUBWAY STATION ENTRANCES BEHIND RACKS OF CLOTHING AND M-RATED GAME ADVERTISEMENTS?!?!?!?!?!?

Do you want to hear me rant more? No. Did I want to spend two hours on a train? No.

Ok, I’m done now. Just walk wherever you can.

Now, to the point of this whole trip. I GOT TO SEE NATASHA, PIERRE, AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING. It was everything I’d imagined (in that cliched sort of way that means that it was as enjoyable as I had been expecting, but I didn’t actually know everything.) I already knew the soundtrack, but actually getting to see it in the theatre was spectacular. Even my dad liked it and he was convinced he was going to hate it. (His favorite song was Sonya Alone, if anyone’s curious.) I loved all the insanely loud, upbeat, yelly songs like The Duel and Preparations. Also, I feel like the Anatole casting can actually have a big effect on how this segment of the War and Peace plot seems. Sometimes, like in the Lifetime mini series you spend the whole elopement plot line screaming at the Natasha on the screen not to make such a stupid decision because the Anatole acts so clearly creepy, but other times, like in this musical, there’s something ridiculously charismatic about Anatole that makes Natasha losing her head about him make more sense. The (sometimes in weird, random ways) interspersing of Russian language and culture was interesting. The other really notable attribute of the musical was how much the audience was involved in the show itself. Something else I liked was how integral and dynamic the lights were. They were continually lowering and dimming and brightening and focusing in different directions. And not just obvious stage lights either, there were single light bulbs and chandeliers all over the audience and stage. Overall, I would totally recommend the musical! That play made up some of the best 3 hours of my life.

(These were taken before the show)  
Then, considering that we hadn’t eaten all day, we went to the Shake Shack, because I am a burger connoisseur (if you can consider someone whose favorite restaurant is Five Guys a “connoisseur”). The burgers were really good. Very thin and crispy, which is not a taste I was used the, but the buns were delicious.

Then, Times Square. Ugh, I hate crowds and large groups of people and flashing light and loud noises, so yeah, not very fun.  People can be really aggressive there, it’s kind of nerve racking. However, we did manage to go to Midtown Comics, which was awesome! I spent like $25 dollars. As I mentioned yesterday, I may have a problematic addiction to D.C. Comics. 

We also checked out St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was pretty, but felt less like a place of worship and more like an oversized, slightly garish, extremely expensive tourist attraction.

And now, I’m going to go to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

NYC: Day 1

So, hey, I dropped off the map again, whoops. Fear not, I will have Inktobers to share with you soon, but school has been insane and my camera’s been acting all weird and I have developed a comic book reading addiction, but now I’ve gotten through all that, I can get to the point of this post. As you may have guessed from the title, I took a vacation this weekend to NYC to see a the city and a Broadway musical (agh, I’m so ridiculously excited) tomorrow. So, basically, I thought I might tell y’all about the trip.

First things first, the traffic is terrible, atrocious, awful, ninth circle of hellishness. The G.W. Bridge alone cost us 2 hours for fifteen minutes of travel. I am not kidding, the GPS read ten minutes from our destination for a whole hour. And in the end we didn’t even take the bridge!!!!!!!!! I cannot even express how much I hate New York traffic (and New Jersey isn’t much better). 

Also, parking is a struggle, but not more so than any other city, really. 

We also visited Columbia, which was cool. And then we got pizza and it was awesome! (I’m in a really energetic mood right now, sorry). I feel like walking down a street in NYC hold a napkin around the last crust of a slice of pizza to catch the grease should be an activity I should check off some sort of bucket list. I really should have taken pictures, but I left my camera in the car. I’ll get some tomorrow.

Um, yeah that’s all for today.

See you tomorrow!

Sketch Card Series Part II

I’m back!!! I know I was gone for ages, but between losing what I had planned on posting, family vacations, and trying to finish three classes worth of AP summer work in August, I was kind of a mess. I think that I will actually be able to post more regularly now that school is underway, which is honestly kind of sad. But anyway, I’ve had most of these cards half finished for a while, but I just finished coloring and detailing them recently.

So, without further ado, here are the next three characters.

The Fairy Queen Étain

The kelpie Dylan O’Farraige

The banshee Deirdre O’Byrne

See you all soon!

Sketch Card Series Part 1 

Some of the drawings I did for the drawing challenge were of my own characters from a story I’m working on and one of the things I wanted to do to help develop characters and such was to make little finished drawings of all of them (I’m calling them sketch cards for want of a better name.) I started when I found a pad of Bristol board for $1.50 on clearance at Walmart. I’m using prismacolor and copic markers, Bristol board, micron pens, and faber castel brush pens.

The first four, the main characters are here, I hope that I’ll get a set of them up each week. I’ve already started on the second wave of characters.

Conall Keaney, the oldest Keaney sibling, is a member of the Red Branch warriors (based on the Red Branch of Irish mythology). I did some experimenting with lighting for this piece, because most of my art has the exact same light source. I really like the anatomical proportions on this as well.

I made my color choices (a focus on red and gold) and pose based on my idea of the character defined by his role as a warrior of the red branch and because of the connotations of bravery, etc. that red and gold have as colors. The shield and spear while not exactly historically accurate are roughly based on the equipment of a Celtic warrior. One of the mythological inspirations for this character was Cuchulainn, whose name translates to “hound of Culan” (it’s a cool story), so I incorporated the idea of canines into Conall’s name and the symbol on his shield. And the Red Branch in the background is pretty self explanatory.

Scarlet Red Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil line art:  



Pencil finishing shading:

(That yellow looks more jarring in the photo than real life.)  

Angharad Keaney, Conall’s younger sister (a witch and one of my favorite characters), was actually the first sketch card I did (and probably my favorite) and I have the most photos for this one.
First I sketched out the design in mechanical pencil and started lining it in micron pen:

And erased out the pencil:

Then I started to color in marker:



 Finished! For the next one of Branwen Keaney (a shape shifting fairy and Conall and Angharad’s younger sister) I actually drew the bust a while ago, and I just finished that drawing. I’m not in love with the anatomy on this one, but I think that it’s my favorite face.
  The last is Bran Keaney, Branwen’s twin brother, a shape shifting fairy and member of the wild hunt.

See you soon!

Question of the week: Which of these is your favorite?

What I Did Instead of My Art Homework: A 20 Day Art Challenge

Here is the list of topics that I did for that art challenge a little while ago. If anyone else decided to do this, and please do do it if you want, I’d love to know (if you do, tag your art with “what I did instead of my art homework”)! 

I gathered the individual prompts from a number of different sources, picking the ones I wanted to use. There is no rhyme or reason or pattern to my selections. Feel free to interpret the individual prompts however you want, they’re vague for a reason!

Also, I’m planning on doing another one of these for August.

Day 1: Flowers

Day 2: Crystals

Day 3: Two Heads

Day 4: From The Sea

Day 5: Season

Day 6: Animal

Day 7: Historical Figure

Day 8: T.V. Show

Day 9: Wings

Day 10: Villain

Day 11: Hands

Day 12: Book

Day 13: Character

Day 14: Fairytale

Day 15: Superhero

Day 16: Mythological Creature

Day 17: Steampunk

Day 18: Landscape

Day 19: Book Cover

Day 20: Redraw

Click here to see my posts for all these days. 

See you later!

What I Did Instead of My Art Homework: Day 20

It’s the last day!!!!!

This challenge has been so much fun (and I actually completed it, I didn’t think I would). I’m hoping to do something similar sometime soon.

I’m planning on posting a compiled list of the all the prompts soon as well.

Today’s prompt: redraw or (if anyone else does this) really anything, do something fun

So I did this:

I totally forgot I’d even had this idea, which I got last year (during one of my many Grimm’s Fairytales phases) for superhero fairytale characters (Operation Fairytale- there may be inter dimensional/time travel). It’s probably a concept that’s been done before, but I find it fun. So, from left to right we have Red Riding Hood, Cinderella’s Prince (who I decide to call Charlemagne because Charlemagne, and because it’s slightly more normal than Charming), Cinderella, the Countess (go read The Glass Coffin now, seriously it’ll take you five minutes, it’s like 3 pages long), Rapunzel who for whatever reason came out really blurry, the Tailor (from The Glass Coffin), and Rapunzel’s Prince (Adrian, because he also doesn’t have a name, the name Adrian can be used in German (Grimm’s Fairytales), and I think I just really loved that name last year when I picked it).

Here are the individual characters:

(They’re a family pretty much, why would I separate them? 🙂 Cinderella is my favorite of these sketches)

So, things that this counts as redrawing: that atrocious drawing for fairytale day, a redraw of the superhero prompt, there are flowers in Rapunzel’s hair, Cinderella has a bird (animal prompt and something with wings prompt) by her shoulder because talking to birds is her superpower, I showed more hands than I usually do, a book: Grimm’s Fairytales (and honestly I am influenced by the Lunar Chronicles right now), characters, mythological creature (Red Riding Hood is a werewolf), and so yeah, I redrew many things, if not all!!! I was originally going to draw all the people/things I’d drawn over the course of the challenge meeting but that got too complicated.

See you soon!